Kentucky bluegrass, a cool season grass, is a species native to Europe, Asia, Algeria and, Morocco. Midnight Kentucky bluegrass seed is one of the highest rated perennial grass seeds on the market today in many NTEP evaluations. Kentucky bluegrass is slightly slower to establish than many other cool-season grasses. Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass seeds are already a great choice. This type of grass is suitable for lawns of any size, recreational parks, sports fields, and similar. My lawn in about 2000sqft and is 100% PRG, with several patches (big and small). Midnight, like all Kentucky Bluegrasses, requires about 3 weeks for complete germination. Seed between August 15 and September 15, in the northeast, and between September and October in the southeast. BEST TIME TO PLANT: Fall: PLANTING DEPTH: 1/4 - 1/2 of inch: GERMINATION TIME: 21 - 28 days: SEEDING RATE: 3 lbs per 1,000 square feet and 1.5 lbs for over-seeding: COLOR: Dark, Emerald Green: TEXTURE: Fine: SHADE TOLERANCE: Moderate: DROUGHT TOLERANCE: MIDNIGHT, like all bluegrasses, requires about 3 weeks for complete germination. Although it is a cool-season grass, it still can be planted in warmer areas. This is a premium blend of Kentucky Bluegrass varieties that results in a very resistant turf. Kentucky bluegrass, Fescue, Rye and Bent, etc. Clover Seed, Bluegrass takes time to germinate ( up to 2 to 5 weeks) and grow into a lawn. They are all very resistant and suitable for cool-seasons.

Midnight Excursion Explorer* Freedom III 4-Seasons Ginney Ginney II Impact Liberator Midnight NuDestiny NuGlade ... SR 2100 – Rapid germination, high sod strength, year-round bright green color and growth, high ... Kentucky Bluegrass Classification Also, the varieties stand out for their fast germination process. However, other brands offer additional features that are worthy of consideration. Color may be observed before that time, however, in good growing weather where soil temperatures are above 65 degrees F., expect 3 to 4 weeks for a complete stand of grass. Best Grasses For Your State bewitched was noticeably lighter. People plant Kentucky bluegrass seed lawns for their dark green color, the thick, dense growth, and their comfortable texture. Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass seed is recommended for use on athletic fields, golf courses, sod blends, parks, professional landscapes, and home lawns areas where Kentucky Bluegrass is adapted. Kentucky Bluegrass seed should be planted during the Fall. It's 7 days! The best time to plant Kentucky bluegrass seed is in the fall when the soil temperatures are between 50-65 degrees F (10 to 18.5 C.). However, because of Midnight’s dark genetic color, lower fertilizer rates will yield acceptable color. Just check what your needs are and verify with the label. There are many presentations and sizes of packs for Kentucky Bluegrass seeds. 365ss Kentucky Bluegrass. Another great feature of Kentucky bluegrass is its extreme cold tolerance.
. The first mowing may be … So, considering that, these are some of the most important facts, you should check before you buy your bag/pack. Color may be observed before that time; however in good growing weather where soil temperatures are above 65º F (18º C), expect 8 to 10 weeks for a complete stand of grass. There is no doubt that if you are planning to seed recreational or sport facilities, this is the product you should buy. Probably the most outstanding feature of Kentucky Bluegrass Midnight is its unusually dark blue-green color giving it a rich color even under low maintenance conditions. These are the 3 cultivars i will be planting this fall. If you are overseeding, consider using a rake at the end of the process, Water the soil according to the instructions. Therefore, it is widely considered to be the most important lawn grass in the United States. However, consider that the certification may differ from product to another and support different features.
Of all the bluegrass species, Kentucky Bluegrass is by the far the most preferred and widely used. 25% NuDestiny Kentucky Bluegrass 15% Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass 25% Impact Kentucky Bluegrass 10% Bewitched Kentucky Bluegrass 25% Beyond Kentucky Bluegrass The KBG blend has started to germinate and the new grass is not coming in a thick as I would like. Direct Order Line: (800) 670-4192, Privacy Statement However, you can find some blends that counteract this feature by adding a variety that tolerates shade. University trials have documented Midnight's heat and drought tolerance. Offering grass with the best uniformity was bewitched. Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass is an outstanding cultivar that shows good resistance to leaf spot and stem rust, stripe smut and dollar spot. The most demanding areas also require the best and most resistant variety of grass, and that is included herein Barenburg Turf Blue Pro. Sow seed at a rate of 454 g per 40 sq.