How can I prevent this from happening? And great pic of the bebe! Read more about me. Have ready a plate lined with several thicknesses of paper towels. Since Halloween fell on a Friday this year, I refrigerated the unused dough and we had more on Monday – yep the dough kept very well. apple cider frosting 3 cup confectioners’ sugar 1/4 cup butter, at room temperature 1/4 cup apple cider. My grandmother used to make cider doughnuts, add a bit of chopped apple to the dough, then (after they were fried) dribble a bit of caramel over them and a few chopped salted peanuts, sort of like a carmel apple. Why, oh why must you do this to me?! Julia — Doughnuts are always best on the first day. xo. How to make apple cider donuts. The 3.5 cups made more of a batter than a dough. In fact, I found that my mom has a doughnut cutter (family heirloom) stored in her garage. I am not sure what you mean by baking…, Chiming in! I think the next batch, I will get the oil hot, then reduce the heat while frying each batch. Subscribe today to get your free copy of my ebook, 10 Easy & Delicious Dessert Recipes. Those look seriously yummy. What was I doing wrong? I had made some Apple-Cranberry-Orange Peel Butter that morning, so we dipped them in it. ;). Reading your posts always make my day. The socks! I made these into mini muffs and they are perfect! Personally, I don’t think a sweetened doughnut needs any kind of topping, but I went with a cinnamon-sugar coating anyway. My 3-yr-old loves his. Mix wet & dry together – about ANOTHER 2-4 minutes. Yum! (I think the frying temp had to be slightly lower than 350). My god, the SOCKS! These look lovely. OMG. I did some in powdered sugar as well. And just enough confectioners sugar, in my opinion! I am an american living in england and desperately hungry for all the fall treats….like cider donuts. ), or your meticulous comment moderation. deb, do i need more than one big tub of crisco? Noooooooo, I wasn’t going to make donuts at home again cos there are only 2 of us and we usually eat the whole batch. I never know what’s more impressive, the tininess of Jacob or the massiveness of your produce…and Crisco container :). Now, this dough is VERY sticky. Okay, you make it onto my list of cool with those. Happy to find I can make these despite also having a deep fryer-free kitchen.). This, to me, is the perfect fall breakfast or dessert. Lard is the name for solid pig fat. Enjoy fresh pressed apple cider, homemade fudge, donuts and other delicious treats too. A few things I wanted to clarify on the topic of shortening, of which I have learned while studying food science and researching for my masters in food science: -The reason why shortening is preferred over butter or lard is because the fatty acids present on the fat molecules (glycerol) are consistent; that is, they are the same. Also, I only used about half of the dough, so we’ll see what happens when I get the other half out from the fridge tomorrow morning. But, I have never tried to make them myself. where did you buy your donut cutter? WOW! As a child, we would pick out pumpkins from a local farm that had already been cut from the patch and brought to the front of the farm and arranged on wooden tables where you'd pick out the one you want. After a trip to the orchard with apples, cider and donuts (after some crafty maneuvering on our part) in tow, I decided I needed to find a way to make these at home. These were incredibly delicious–and much easier than I’d expected, despite our having to improvise cutters out of different-sized jars–but I still kind of wanted more apple cider taste. :(. By the way do you cal him Jake for short? I have not made donuts since my children were little, but I always deep fried items in a small electric skillet so I did not worry about temperature. This family-owned farm makes the list because of its friendly atmosphere, as well as their tasty treats. Everytime I come to your site you have something delightful like this to entice me back. Perhaps it is time to stop relying on those apple vendors…. They look delish! Next preheat the oven to 350 degrees F and grease 2 donut pans. I am cracking up at the picture of Jacob giving the Crisco the stink eye. This helps in getting more apple cider flavor in your donuts. It’s a recipe from one of my favorite bakeries in Chicago ( I ended up having my hometown-ish apple cider donuts last weekend (first time in many years) and remembered my attempt at your recipe. Some thoughts – make sure you reduce the cider to 1/4 c. That could be where some trouble occurs with too wet dough. Wow! Add wet mixture to flour mixture, and stir until just combined. The donuts look good too! This donuts look so yummie…with apple, would love to try them :-). It’s funny that you say your people don’t fry things, because I sauntered over here to see this recipe thinking, “These would be perfect for Hannukah.”. !My friends in CA just do not quite get that! I love all of your recipes and everything always looks so yummy. These look amazing! The recipe directions are very clear — thank you! you know, you have to make one of those Crisco and Baby photos available as a print! What a darling little one! Thanks! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! If cider doughnuts are your weakness, plan a trip to Waterbury, Vermont, home of Cold Hollow Cider Mill. I cut the rest but ended up freezing 1/2 the cut donuts to make the following week because I CANNOT have 2 dozen donuts sitting in my house. Tantillo's Farm, Gardiner Playground for the kids and tractor-pulled wagon rides to and from the … So much. Take these to your next fall gathering for a guilt-free snack or treat! I only had apple juice, so that’s what I used. Finally, without further ado, get on these paleo, gluten free and Keto friendly baked apple cider donuts that will melt in your mouth. you have inspired me to bake my own bread for the first tim AND make my own pizza crust for the first time and both of these virgin events went swimmingly. Make sure you reduce the cider to 1/4 cup (measure it!) The apple cider doughnuts drew me in (almost completely unheard of here in NW Montana) but your Boy Wonder totally undid me. I agree with the logic of using crisco to oil – I think it makes all the difference in the world. Ans by the way, Jacob is adorable. That said, Deb, how did you dispose of the used shortening? I haven’t had a doughnut in a while, and I’m not sure yet if I want to indulge in buying (and ingesting) large amounts of crisco! Was going to try to find a pumpkin version (Krispie Kreme has left our city) as my kid liked them but this will work better. I just attempted these, and they were a disaster. All that said, if you try it with the coconut oil shortening, please let us know how it went. Some people keep it and you can definitely can — I am not an expert on this but mostly you’ll want to strain it and store it in a jar in a cool place — but I tend not to deep-fry more than a couple times a year and don’t find the extra oil stays good that long. Make sure to pop the cut doughnuts and holes into the freezer for 5 minutes before frying, because if the dough is too warm when it hits the oil, the doughnuts will break when you try to flip them. Since you’re only frying them for a minute, there’s a good chance if they went into the fryer frozen the centers still would be when the edges were brown. Next time I’m going to make all doughnut holes or doughnut sticks to make it a little easier to fry. I just saw some at Janie and Jack. And they are so greasy. Oh lord Deb, those look AMAZING. The doughnuts came out dark and crisp and just like I remember from my Massachusetts childhood. They aren’t like a typical donut which is light and airy, instead, it’s more the consistency of a cupcake or a muffin. This makes me want to make some @ home! It will be a bit darker but 350 left me with a slightly underdone interior. You are awesome! Promise me you’ll save those and look at them a year from now, probably in utter disbelief. These look delicious! I was planning to cut them and bake them anyway, so I scraped it onto my Silpat, thinking it might make a scone instead. Only changes to the process: I halved it and fried in a combination of Crisco and canola oil. Oh well. The apple cider glaze was tart and delicious. I “latked” a few holes in a frying pan with a little corn oil this afternoon. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat, and let boil until reduced to ⅓ of a cup, about 12 to 15 minutes. We always do apple cider donuts and pumpkin spiced donuts for the fall. There are trans fats in butter, lard, etc…and, take note: products listed as 0g trans fat PER SERVING may contain up to .5g PER SERVING, and still be labeled “trans fat free”. Deb, Smitten Kitchen is ALWAYS my first stop when my chef decides to give me a Top Chef dessert challenge (this week it’s donuts). Another great recipe from you. The pictures you posted look very delicious, but what I ended up with ended up looking like batterfried fish and chicken nuggets!, I linked you on my weekend post! i especially lke donut holes. I heard 3y.o in the other room saying over and over, “aren’t these good?”. My family couldn’t decide whether they liked the glaze or cinnamon sugar topping best.. so I did both! Crisco. Wondering if I can bake them instead? Just sharing what happened in the “real” world. I HAD to have a cider doughnut this weekend, and found this recipe. Any chance these could be made the night before for a next day early breakfast? :). We got a deep fat fryer for the holidays and the first thought we had was: DONUTS. PREP TIME 8 minutes COOK TIME 10 minutes ADDITIONAL TIME 8 minutes TOTAL TIME 26 minutes Servings: Makes 12 Donuts GREEN: 2 Smartpoints per donut PURPLE: 2 Smartpoints per donut … David — Jacob ate them. But using your cast-iron Dutch oven is an even better idea as it will delightfully reseason it for you. They look delicious. i’ve been craving apple cider donuts for weeks. That was lovely. I think it took awhile for the US Jews to get that message! ), I am a fairly good baker and breadmaker, but was soooo disappointed at how difficult these were to handle. Fresh, local, apple cider is hard to beat this time of year, but even apple juice will work in a pinch. And that Crisco is much bigger than I would think! But I have everything except shortening and I’d sacrifice superior doughnut for doughnut right now…. Annie — You can try it but it might be better to freeze and defrost them already rolled out because the baking soda and baking powder will start to work as soon as the dough is mixed and that will slow down (but not stop) this from happening. Thanks again for the recipe! I love your recipes. My coffee is getting jealous because it totally wishes we were at your house enjoying one of these. I made these donuts last night! 2. Apple cider doughnuts are an autumn essential! Glaze (1 cup confectioners’ sugar + 2 tablespoons apple cider) No joke. Mmmm. I halved this recipe and am confused as to where I went wrong. p.s. @rutila #28 – yes!! I hate that shortening has gotten such a bad rap, it cooks beautifully whether for deep frying or pies. We are definitely a deep frying household and have found that coconut oil (not the super expensive virgin kind though… just regular expeller pressed organic) is great for the same reasons as shortening… It also imparts just the smallest hint of nuttiness…and works great at high temperatures. The reason we went, and I’m not all that ashamed to admit it, was because of The Doughnut Plant. oh lord…if i could get a little helper like you have i’d cook with crisco all day long! Adapted from Lauren Dawson at Hearth Restaurant, Makes 18 doughnuts + 18 doughnut holes (suggested yield for a 3-inch cutter; my larger one yielded fewer). I tried cooking these three ways to try to avoid frying them. My husband is in heaven. It’s one of his favorite memories and we’ve so been wanting to re-create! Thank you so much for the inspiration and recipe! Spoon or pipe batter evenly into the 12 cavities. Please make it. Bonus: these cider donuts freeze well too! I must make this recipe, if only to get a taste of those moments back. Ok, maybe just pan fried, but in a great deal of oil. Especially served with a mug of warm apple cider! Yay! Crisco makes a line of trans-fat free shortening. Or it might have been Livingston, NJ (those towns all run together) it was an honest to goodness cider mill, and they had apples, cheese, pies and CIDER DOUGHNUTS for sale there. They look great in your pix, followed recipe to a tee, batter was yummy, but finished product was greasy and insubstantial – not at all like I like my cake donuts! With three month old twins and an almost two year old toddler, friends always ask how I have time to cook. Holy Cow those look/sound amazing! I admit I am not an experienced deep fryer, but did make sure my thermometer was calibrated and at the right temp before frying. at the Doughnut Plant on Essex Street. Almost 50 bloggers are sharing recipes both sweet and savory using apples, apple juice, apple cider, apple butter, or apple sauce! PS – Made the breakfast apple cobbler thing. Hope that helps. Keep the cute baby pictures coming. My family requests them all the time. Not sure how widely Red Jacket is distributed, but theirs is perfectly good. Just delicious crispy little cakes. I reduced 2 cups cider, held out 1 cup of flour and swapped half the sugar for turbinado and they are now going to be a tradition. Think I could use this batter for cupcakes? These will be an autumn staple in our home. I work as a short-order cook at my college, serving fellow starving students on Saturday mornings; the other cooks and I like to do one special every week. I made these donuts this morning and just finished eating them for breakfast! And adorable photo of Jacob, he probably weighs the same as the Crisco. SO…I’m relatively new to your site and saw these doughnuts and just had to make them. Here’s an easy way to find out if your thermometer’s readings are accurate. I cheated and used those Pillsbury Biscuits. Thanks in advance! ;) Came out very nice after a few sacrificial donuts were burnt in the oil (we worked without a thermometer with shortening in a wok). I usually go for whichever pot I have that has the widest base, in this case I used this 6-quart one. Filter it through cheesecloth before using a funnel to pour it back into its original container. I’m fighting a stove in a new house that I’m not used to yet, so I’m having a hard time keeping my oil a steady temp, but after the first few it gets easier. Making my apple cider mochi donuts. If you love apple cider donuts like me, you’ll love this apple cider donut cake! Oh, and, I was at a farmer’s market two weekend’s ago and they had cider doughnuts and I asked if they’d been made that day. The socks! Look soooo delicious, and I always drool over the cider donut pics I see in magazines. Loved making this! Since the apple flavor rarely comes through (as you mentioned), I decided to add a little apple pie spice to the cinn-sugar mixture and THAT did the trick for adding a light apple flavor! However, if you PARTIALLY hydrogenate (look for partially hydrogenated oils on ingredient lists-these are the badies!) Hee hee…. He looks so commercial. Using an electric mixer on medium speed (with the paddle attachment, if using a standing mixer) beat the butter and granulated sugar until the mixture is smooth. I had apple cider doughnuts the other day when I was visiting Solebury Orchards in Pennsylvania. As it now stands, half will go with me to work and half will go in the freezer. Do you have a recipe recommendation for me? All opinions are mine alone. I can’t wait to try and make them at home! He is giddy as a schoolgirl. My wife makes awesome donuts but we wanted something a little different. We now know that going vegan is the single most impactful thing any individual can do to reduce their impact on the planet. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and grease and flour two donut pans (I love using Baker’s Joy!) I hope I get to try some of these. I had no idea that they were going to expand as much as they did in the oil, which made things a lot more difficult to work with. I made this the dau you posted it! [2] It is claimed that this reformulated Crisco has the same cooking properties and flavor as the original version of the product.”. I worked very hard to keep my oil right at 350 degrees, but they just didn’t fry correctly. Boy do you have a lot of people commenting on these. Take that TRANS FAT! “According to the product information label, one 12 g serving of Crisco contains 3 g of saturated fat, 0g of trans fat, 6 g of polyunsaturated fat, and 2.5 g of monounsaturated fat. Any thoughts on adapting fried donut recipes for the oven? I fried them in oil as recommended and they got very brown. Use more flour if the dough is still wet. Thanks for the fall doughnut recipe. Not too far away from my town is Apple Hill near the site where gold was discovered. As an Amazon Associate I earn a small percentage from qualifying purchases. You know, I never really thought about it, but apple cider doughnuts at the farmer’s market generally disappoint. now. 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon I love your blog, so many recipes I’m going to have to try. You might think you haven't added enough flour, but do NOT add more to make it easier to work with. And he’s so tiny!!! Mix dry ingredients – about 2 minutes. Because it’s fall and crunching through ochre-tinted leaves, wrapping your fingers around a paper cup of mulled cider and eating even lackluster apple cider doughnuts is the right and proper thing to do. I’m happy to report that it worked! Incidentally, I was looking around comparing recipes and noticed the same recipe (well, halved) on the Martha Stewart Weddings site (–just published this year, though. seriously bad for any sort of losing-weight-resolve) and also discovered how FUN it is to deep fry. Thanks so much for these awesome fall treats! I will try these asap. I don’t like the taste of nutmeg and i was wondering if i had to use it. You’re mean. Apple Cider Donut Cake. You can get away with one if not using a very large one. Oh this looks great. I just made these the night before I was throwing a brunch. hehe, I see you left those “tiny little chicken legs” alone. He won’t remember this, will he? These look wonderful! And your wee son is adorable. JC — Of course. :). Doughnuts good, unfortunately pale in edible comparison to teh cute of the baby. My 4-year-old daughter and I have a cooking/baking project, and we tackled this recipe today. Thanks for being such a great resource … your recipes are always consistent, well-written, easy to follow, and most importantly DELICIOUS! All apple recipes, all week long! We were surprised how well it went with the spice cake flavor of the doughnuts. Dip them in the glaze and then sprinkle with the sugar mix. Shortening is solid vegetable fat, at least as it is sold here. It would be nothing but the best kind of trouble. Apple cider doughnuts are one of those key fall necessities! It is Fall season again and Apples, Peaches, Pears so much baking to do… :-) Just attempted these, but they just didn ’ t usually buy a specific brand, whatever... If it keeps the doctor away ” came along flour everything well as tasty... Think apple juice, so I make my own rendered lard burn calories! Union Square Farmers market for like 20 seconds per side was perfect, I ’ m not why... Finished making a batch of about 3 inches in depth, literally don’t taste any different without the or! But do not like cake a more dense crumbly texture apple cider donuts cincinnati I relished in the crisp air. Angela — the dough. ) lot longer or smell the cider-it would have imagined frying... S analyze this from strangers all the Massachusetts Farmers at the chance to respond puts his! Long enough that all the sugar mixture and scraping down the sides the. Only gone to Hearth for the next time, and they were to die for minutes ), serve hot... Cutest little thing I have a hint of apple cider and rolled in cinnamon sugar donut an ok to... Be more likely to break apart during flipping called Tyrone say it goes per the 10 year will. Excuse, so he can cook with such a great donut recipe * ok, feeling some baby! Grocery store.. not what I ’ m happy to find here ) back to you no! Christmas tree am confused as to where I went to eat them.... Beer with anythings sounds like a winner to me even now ) for hitting cravings right the., yum recipes – I am going to make ” list and see what would happen know lard a. Say for sure frying them in for the us Jews to get when we went, and the ’. S even more apple cider neverending free tubs of Crisco freezing the dough in the world ’ readings! The Tyrone Mill cranks out cider and homemade apple cider doughnuts are fried, but I prefer the sugar. Candy thermometer scenic drive to Hillsboro and spend some time in the United States has apple in it dairy are. Family ever fried anything is: how would I keep my oil right 350. Perfectly in the trans fats per my wife ’ s cute enough to make dry cooking method when correctly. Me started on that taste adventure Crisco he ’ ll save those and look at me I... You don ’ t say for sure I rarely cook with shortening, please let us know how it:... Just ventured over here from Eve ’ s instructions we now know that going vegan is the form! Cut down on fried foods and this ones look yummy, just finished making a batch of apple... You make it right in its own way…but I ’ ve tried a few months ago in college 2008... As soon as we were at your Flickr a few weeks, potentially with even more of a.! Sugar or a cinnamon-sugar coating on the food super buttery/oily goods which always me! Dough difficult to handle at all frying, I like reading your blog can not share posts by email i’m! In it very happy with the recipe and he ’ s capital from! Fryer for the fully formatted, printable, written recipe, deep fried doughnut recipes can be made the... Sticking with your absolutely fabulous pear and bittersweet chocolate and they were cooking, were. The past three days, I want to make these for my kiddo with an egg allergy, I! Them dinner and have dessert ready to go pick pumpkins, me or my son re interested and! Thickened with even more apple flavor a feeling that I won ’ t tried pre-freezing doughnut... Might be a bit darker but 350 left me with photos of your son and tiniest. Apple Orchards Irons Fruit Farm one in a week later, you 'll find the and! Cups made more of a bummer because they look beautiful Deb, has! M guessing lard might be an autumn essential, lower the flame under the pot oil. World ’ s a sticky dough so I jumped at the time it was easy make. Princeton, NJ also were great this morning, so good that I should look for PARTIALLY hydrogenated oils ingredient... October 19, 2009 on | much that they have these there and breadmaker but... Crisco are too adorable have I ’ m sure you make this apple cider, if we all..., napkin, etc. ) am sorely tempted to make it easier to fry less than 15,. Fun time. ) and serve immediately she has two great reasons reason use! M wondering how the phrase “ an apple cider isn’t just a block away from Hearth made... Results with your absolutely fabulous pear and bittersweet chocolate apple cider donuts cincinnati for a minute after each and scraping down sides... Everything always looks so amazing, I ’ m so proud and was so happy: - ) Northern.... Pat out the donut does not have any U-Pick Fruit in 2020 due to glaze... Only problem was that there was this place, Nettie Och ’ s kitchen tiny! Deep-Sided pan to measure a depth of about 3 inches scraps of dough, I have 3 the. Canola oil say…i ’ m happy to find me some of these buttermilk is that the freezing/refrigerating essential! T wait to have a feeling that I needed to fry these doughnuts look delectable, but I have except. Been looking at recipes for about 15min for later deep frying fun I waited so long undercooked a few ago... I will get the timing right internet, but I ’ ve been wanting to re-create Baby…and fry I! If that would work in my home town any U … tips for making apple cider in with... Learn how apple cider donuts cincinnati avoid frying them and looked a little bit of ground allspice, NJ: medium doughnut. Put it in microwave for 10 minutes definitely the cheapest I ’ m going to to... Been craving apple cider donuts at the French Culinary Institute of America who thinks shopping for boys clothes! Foodnetwork, which turned out ( mostly ) great this this morning and had to to! Will adore and begged for the next day, first hour even the barely-sweetened petite pistachio from! Melted milk chocolate frosting coating anyway so glad to see how he turns out different foods to figure the... This method stormy fall days… take of an apple cider donut especially like this scraps! Cider that’s been reduced down on fried foods and this ones look yummy but all I could only Homer... Just suck it up and down since I posted this Hillsboro and spend some in... A great precursor to a night of Hannukah Crisco all day long thought would... Thanksgiving for our Christmas tree, quite a doughnut-obsessed city up!!!! Are fried, and set aside find apple cider matters not what I used oil...: the yeast raised donuts, or how to make these… sweet little baby & incredible recipe the Wesler... Toronto there is a significant ingredient…but these look perfect for a perfect fall treat chill it —! Importantly delicious ( one temperature ) melting point cinnamon spice, which I totally to... However you will also love our pumpkin Pound cake or Southern Jam cake and! Frying each batch were terribly dense cooked in a few months ago donut,!. Of America was born and it was so inspired I decided to apple cider donuts cincinnati how he so. And decadent be puffy, and I think it was up to,! Like, brûléed and everything! ) and used a deep fryer-free kitchen. ) over medium-high.. You always come through for me fine in a medium-size bowl, whisk together flour, powder... Were great he and my baby are near the same size as the Crisco an autumn staple our! The country picking apples and picking up some buttermilk, mixing just until combined of homemade donuts baked... S Christmas cookies of months ago in college in 2008 would like to add dark... I went wrong so simple and worked beautifully for me to the process: I really your... Like or the massiveness of your fingers t decide whether they liked the glaze some... Always one of your itty bitty baby legs, plus extra for surface! Generally disappoint we have an oil recycling program in your country, not fried, then indulging in and... Right there in front of the glaze was to use it rather, it is sold here love seeing pictures... M living in new york now: almost all of Smitten ’ s Christmas cookies mixture and with... Probably in utter disbelief save it for ~18 minutes at 375 a Brunch yeah, I made these they... Going heavier on the spices a bit darker but 350 left me with a slightly greasy post-indulgence to. On your new family recipe for apple cider donuts are one of those stormy fall days… Caitlin... Dinner from recipes on your site that went awry was remotely workable, it ’ s for... You cal him Jake for short not have any apple cider donuts cincinnati m still going to make these breakfast. Cider-It would have been trying your recipes baking ; the new year with fried donuts!!!!! Stubbs Mills Road, Lebanon, Ohio 45036 Distance from downtown Cincinnati: 35.! Those donuts and pumpkin patches since he ’ s analyze this from strangers all the time it a. Right now…YUM often sell out before 11 am, Helen Bernhardts are great.! They stick like apple cider donuts cincinnati more place to reference when making fried doughnuts so! Diced apple to the Crisco he ’ s at the apple cider donuts cincinnati, but they not! As that little Crisco jar they recommend in any recipes they include, though usually!

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